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Have an egg-cellent Easter!

Hi all,

Firstly, we want to thank you for deciding to follow us on our journey. And a journey it is!

Today we are marking the start of our 3rd month in Arundel and are looking back at two eventful months. We have decluttered this beautiful 1730’s building back to its natural beauty and have started to redecorate it bit by bit. By now the hallway has been fully repainted and recarpeted, the living room – our ground floor – repainted and the beautiful old wooden floor completely revived. The guest bathrooms have seen a true make-over and feel quite glamorous, and so do the public toilets. We have just finished redecorating the two top-floor bedrooms in a tranquil and serene style: guaranteeing a comfortable night of sleep for our guests. We are now refurbishing some key bedroom features and will be sharing some sneak peeks in our Instagram gallery shortly.

We continue our journey and have started to redecorate the two bedrooms on the first floor. We are also developing the key feature of our living room: the bespoke marble bar.

We cannot wait to be able to invite you all indoors for a well-deserved glass of wine, crisp beer or zesty G&T and a taster of locally sourced cheeses and charcuterie, but we will wait patiently until our government perceives it safe enough doing so. With that in mind we expect to be opening indoors Wednesday 19th of May.

We are planning to open our so to speak ‘takeaway-doors’ of the deli in the next couple of weeks. If you fancy a quality cup of coffee or homemade lunch: do stay tuned.

We have already met some incredible people and cannot wait to meet you all very soon. Please take care of yourselves, stay safe, and have an egg-cellent Easter weekend!

Best wishes,

Meinte & Judith

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