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Friends, we have an update to share with you.

We have decided to discontinue House Arundel’s wine bar in the evenings and to solely focus on House Arundel as boutique bed & breakfast.

Mind you, this is not a goodbye!

Fuelled with enthusiasm we moved to Arundel last year realising our dream: running our own boutique B&B in a beautiful and quaint town centre. We are in the heart of town, love to mingle, and are fans of quality wine and local cheeses, and so be it, the Living Room’s wine bar was open to all.

Now the world is opening again, many offices are too, and my dear husband is back commuting and traveling for his job. And unfortunately, he had no ears when I tried to convince him to stay with me full-time – can you believe it? Anyway, long story short, I still believe I’m a superwoman but have meanwhile realised that I can’t do, nor want to, run the evenings without him.

House Arundel will continue to be this intimate little place that our guests can call ‘home’ when staying with us in Arundel and our Living Room will be their exclusive territory during the day.

However, if you think our venue is your ideal place to host your private celebration, or you like to use the space for a business meeting, or perhaps show your work, do not hesitate to get in touch and contact us at

Thank you all for your support. It’s an incredible journey we are on, and we’ll continue to rock it!

Our last day of cheesy-business is this Saturday 26th of March – make sure to pop in.


Judith & Meinte

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