Chesse and Baguette

Cheese & Saucisson
July 10, 2021

Chesse and Baguette


Baron Bigod Brie                         English version of Brie de Meaux, soft white bloomy-rind raw milk cheese,                                                                 made by the Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton (p)     rich tangy flavour, velvety-soft texture, Nottingham.

Ewe Eatme (p)                              Manchego style cheese made in Sussex.

Montgomery 14m                        traditionally made cheddar, rich, nutty, and sweet, Somerset.

Olde Sussex 4-6m                      a Farmhouse cheddar-type to traditional recipe, East Sussex.

Saint Giles (p)                                rich, buttery texture, an English equivalent to Port Salut.

Sussex Yeoman (p)                     hard pressed goat’s cheese, moist but crumbly texture, with distinctly nutty                                                              flavour, East Sussex.

1 Cheese           £7,50

2 Cheeses         £12,00

3 Cheeses         £17,00


4 Peppercorn                               British pork with black, white, pink, and green peppercorns.

Ebony Farm Lamb                     Flavourful lamb tempered by lemons and rosemary.

English Summer Herbs           British pork with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

Port & Plum                                   A lovely rich reminiscence of festive times.

Wild Mushroom & Truffle        Free-range pork with French ceps and truffle.


1 Saucisson     £8,50

2 Saucissons   £13,00